Spray foam to firm up floor, adds flotation.

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I have finally gotten around to filling open air voids with water resistant rigid spray foam made by Dow (12 oz can).  I ended up using three cans.
Using a drill bit the same size as the spray nozzle, I drilled a hole behind the latter area and two holes in the area of the compression post.  Put a piece of tape on your drill bit so you won't drill deeper than 1/8 inch, to prevent drilling into the outer hall.  Tap the floor with your knuckles to find the greatest cavity sound to drill into.

Moving ladder increases cabin space

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Cabin ladder

I have discovered that by mounting the cabin ladder off-center towards the starboard side increases the space for the Portside. This makes dressing and moving around so much easier.  And since I have modified my port side to a generous captains bed and seating area, it makes getting up easier also.
Another benefit is easier access to storage behind the ladder area. 


New NW Potters and NW Trailer-Sailors Forum

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A simple forum has been added to this website that is intended to replace the old Yahoo "nwpotters" user group.  It can be accessed from the "Forum" menu item on the main navigation menu.  This forum functionality should be rather straight forward but if you have any questions or concerns about how to use the forum please let me know.  




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