Video, Potter Cruise to Saint Helens, Independance Day 2015

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This is a short video of 5 WWP's cruising from Kalama WA to Sain Helens OR (Columbia River),  July 2 - 5, 2015 (3 nights).  We didn't all connect up until the 4th in Saint Helens, so most of the video is of my boat on the way there, where I spent 2 nights at anchor. 

It was a downwind sail (blowing 15-20mph) thursday and friday, going upstream against a strong current.  The night of the 4th was spent at the public docks in Saint Helens during the Independance Day celebration (dining, fireworks, food booths, live music, and people watching).  It was a nice show and a great time.

We all returned to Kalama the next morning under motor power against very light winds and temperatures in the 90s. 

It was a very enjoyable trip and I'm looking forward to the next trip I take with the "nwpotters".

Chris (WWP15, "Minimalist")


Awesome video Chris! what

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Awesome video Chris! what kind of boom support do you have on your potter? I noticed you and dan both have those black boomkicker looking pieces and was wondering where one finds these.

Hey Phil, that's a "Boom

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Hey Phil, that's a "Boom Kicker". Actually, Jim is the guy to get advice about these, since He was responsible for mine (He is the previous owner, going back a couple of owners). I've been sailing all of my life and never heard of one until I bought this boat. Google "Boom Kicker" and a few links will come up, but they mostly are there to support your boom without a topping lift. I like the ability to raise the boom at dock so I still use a topping lift, but I like the Boom Kicker because it puts a lower limit on your boom when you're going down-wind (it allows your mainsail to fill more in light winds) and I notice that I rely upon it when the topping lift needs adjustment.

Stay tuned, I'll post my two

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Stay tuned, I'll post my two-week trip to the Broughton Archipalego BC Canada, here, using my WWP15. I did a trip there last year on a kayak, but I felt confined to the area travelled by other kayakers because of bears/cougers/wolves. I've planned to come back with a WWP15 so I can sleep aboard in those wild/unvisited places. I've carefully chosen a route that is not normally visited by the usual kayak tour, or any other craft, much hinging on getting the tide right (one spot I must hit at the highest tides of the season to make it across a drying bar). I'll be depending on rowing to traverse several shallow places. Video will be available the last week of august. Cheers, Chris. (Last years trip: