WWP15, Broughton Archipelago/Johnstone Strait, August 2015 Trip

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Johnstone Straight/Broughton Archipelago 2-week Cruise in a Potter 15.  (Above: Burdwood Island Beach)

Below:  Map of waypoints of trip (in alpha order)

Part I - The first 4 days of a 2 week trip to Vancouver Island, Day 2 begins with launching from Telegraph Cove, BC and crossing Weynton Passage on a contrary tide.

Part II - The next 2 days of a 2 week trip to Vancouver Island, Day 5 begins with leaving the Burdwood Islands anchorage and attempting to enter Broughton Lagoon (in a sailboat!!).

Part III - the conclusion, covers day 7 though 11.  This chapter includes Polkinghorne Island, Carter Passage, Sedge Island and Alert Bay.



Chris - I'm new to sailing

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Chris - I'm new to sailing and am hoping to get the most out of my WWP15. Your videos are inspiration to me, particularly your travels from Port Hardy to small BC inlets. I have some questions - if you'd open to email questions, please drop me an email at agibbard@wavecable.com Thanks! Allen