Tiny Sailboat Goes to the Lower Columbia River

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Always a treat to view new

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Always a treat to view new Potter15 adventure videos from Chris. Well-done as always!

It should be noted, that the

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It should be noted, that the act of letting yourself be beached by high tide is actually a very calculated situation, because high tide is different everytime, so you can find yourself stranded for months before the tide reaches the point you were stranded. I was in the cycle where high tide is lower each day; thus, my stress in this trip, it would be so easy to just let my flat bottomed Potter to beach, but to float again!? My brother, whom lives in the area, and has a sailboat, hadn't considered this. It is something not commonly considered when doing this maneuver but is obviously extremely important. To pull this off during the 'decreasing' period would require a calculated 'fudge-factor'.