The Adventures of the Wilderness Dinghy

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Sailing a Potter 15 in Oregon's Outback



Always fun to watch a new

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Always fun to watch a new WWP15 adventure video from Chris. Keep ‘um coming!

Great video. Definitely

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Great video. Definitely adding it to list of possible trips next year. Also saw a old blog where you were looking for other trailer sailors to join you on adventure, well if still looking I would definitely be interested. This year is pretty much finished but I am already thinking about next year.

Thanks! I'm always game for

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Thanks! I'm always game for another sailing adventure, you are right thoe, next season. I go on big trips (Vancouver Island) and small (Lake Chelan), so whatever you feel comfortable going on, let me know and I can possibly go or at the least provide info on it.

Great to hear from you! I am

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Great to hear from you! I am retired so other than family commitments my time is free. I am game for anything, I plan to do more extended trips next year, so I figure it probably easier join you on trip(s) you are planning and want company. I plan on getting 10 to 14 days of sailing each month( May to Sept) one way or another. So like I said I am up for anything, looking forward next year.