2017 Pocket Yacht Palooza and Palooza Crooza

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Proposed Dates: 

Saturday, July 22, 2017 to Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Puget Sound

Trip Plan: 

The sixth annual Pocket Yacht Palooza will be held Saturday, July 22 at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, and will feature more than 60 small boats on the Commons, along the adjoining beach and next door at Point Hudson Marina.  The Pocket Yacht Crooza starts Sunday and will enjoy overnights at Mats Mats Bay and Mystery Bay State Park.  For more information click here.





Latest from Marty:

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Latest from Marty:

Just a semi-final reminder that this Saturday, July 22, we'll have the sixth annual Pocket Yacht Palooza at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, so we hope you'll bring a small boat to display and maybe also take part in the ensuing July 23-25 Palooza Crooza, which departs PT Sunday morning.


Most of the 60-75 boats coming to the Palooza (biggest exhibit of small wood/fiberglass/skin-on-frame boats on the West Coast), will set up on the NWMC Commons Friday afternoon or evening. Many of the smaller boats that'll be displayed on the adjoining beach will arrive Saturday before the Palooza opens to the public at 10 a.m….and if you plan to arrive Saturday early to show your boat on the Commons, please be there between 8-9 a.m., to avoid gridlock as we pack the plaza with boats.


This year we'll be treated to a 7 p.m. Saturday talk by Ian and Janice of Team Oaracle, the first-ever rowers to complete the Race to Alaska…rowing their 22' Merry Sea II the 750 miles from Port Townsend to Ketchikan. You won't want to miss this free presentation…with photos, video and lots of time for questions about their sore hands, butts and backs (!)


The Crooza will depart around 10 a.m. Sunday and overnight stops will include Mats Mats Bay and Mystery Bay (Marrowstone Island). 


Questions? Email Marty and Norseboater22@gmail.com


The very latest from Marty:

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The very latest from Marty:

As we get ready for a great weekend of small-boat activity, starting with Saturday's Pocket Yacht Palooza at the Northwest Maritime Center and continuing Sunday with start of the Palooza Crooza for small boats, we have some updates and changes to note:


* Weather will be sunny through the entire Palooza and Palooza Crooza period, with temps in the 70-75 range and mild sailing breezes--(no gale warnings, thank goodness!)


* Tides will continue to be extreme, so currents will be strong and we'll pay close attention…especially regarding our routing and timing during the Crooza. In Port Townsend on Saturday, the Low Tide of -2.66 feet will be at 9:38 a.m., continuing to come in all day to a High of 8.62 feet at 5:47 p.m. Sunday's Low will be at 10:24 a.m. (-2.72 feet), with High Tide at 6:27 p.m. (8.87 feet).


* If you are bringing a boat on its trailer and planning to display on the Commons plaza next to the Northwest Maritime Center boatshop, the ideal time to arrive is Friday between about 2 p.m. and dark. If you can't make it anytime Friday, please get to the NWMC (431 Water Street, Port Townsend 98368) between 8-9 a.m. on Saturday, since the Palooza opens to the public at 10 a.m.)


* If you plan to display your boat on the beach adjoining the NWMC, you can show up Saturday morning anytime before 10, ideally…but really whenever you can get there. 


* We'll have Boat ID cards to fill out and display somewhere on your boat, whether on the Commons or adjoining beach. They'll generally be handed out as you arrive, but if we miss you, pick up a card at the Small Craft Advisor booth on the Commons, to be set up by early Saturday.


* If you are trailering to Port Townsend and crossing Puget Sound aboard the Coupeville-Port Townsend ferry, remember that reservations are needed. You can make them by going on the Washington State Ferries website,  www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries  or by calling 1-888-808-7977 or (206) 464-6400. Sailing times are on the Ferries website, of course.


* If you are coming with a deep-keel boat and need a guest slip at Point Hudson Marina, next to the NWMC, call the moorage office at (360) 385-2828. Reservations for guest slips are not possible at the larger Boat Haven Marina (other end of town), but you can usually obtain a slip there when you show up. (That's where the launch ramp is--the only one in town you can use during Saturday morning's minus tide.)


* Trailer and tow-rig parking is always a question. When you launch your boat at Boat Haven Marina, either just before the Pocket Yacht Palooza or early Sunday when we gather to begin the Palooza Crooza, you can park short-term in the lot adjoining the ramp. You can then seek longer-term parking on side streets in the Boat Haven Marina neighborhood; on neighborhood streets slightly farther away, or in the gravel "Back Forty" lot behind SEA Marine at Point Hudson Marina, registering with the Point Hudson Marina moorage office and paying about $5/day to park your rig during the Palooza and/or Crooza. For questions, call the Point Hudson Marina office at (360) 385-2828.


* CHANGE IN ROUTING FOR THE CROOZA - Because a number of Palooza Crooza participants cannot take part in the entire July 23-25 cruise (damned jobs that resume Monday morning), and because of tide and current schedules, we're switching planned routing for the Palooza Crooza. We will depart the Port Townsend waterfront Sunday morning around 10-10:30 a.m. and first row/sail/motor across Port Townsend Bay to Ratt Island, where we'll enjoy a picnic on the steep sand-and-gravel beach before riding the flood current (which begins around noon) down Kilisut Harbor and into Mystery Bay, where we'll overnight. (Those needing to get back to Port Townsend and home can adjourn after the Ratt Island stop, or in the late afternoon following our arrival in Mystery Bay.) Boats can anchor out in Mystery Bay, or use the Mystery Bay State Park dock (600 lineal feet) or adjoining mooring buoys. There's a bathroom and picnic tables. Overnight tent campers will use a friend's large and level backyard just across the road from the state park. Monday morning, we'll sail/row/motor out of Kilisut Harbor on the Ebb current and end up to the south in Mats Mats Bay (riding the Flood), by either of two routes: Down Admiralty Inlet on the east side of Marrowstone Island, or south through Port Townsend Bay to the Port Townsend Canal cut. After Mats Mats, folks can return to Port Townsend, keep sailing elsewhere, or head home to other ports such as Seattle.


* SKIPPERS' MEETING will be held promptly at 4:30 p.m. Saturday on the NWMC Commons or adjoining beach, followed by the 5 p.m. potluck. At 7 p.m., we'll adjourn to the big upstairs meeting room to hear a presentation by Ian Graeme and Janice Mason of Team Oaracle, the first people to complete the 750-mile Race to Alaska by human power alone--rowing the distance aboard their 22-foot Merry Sea II, that'll be on display Saturday during the Pocket Yacht Palooza. (If your boat is on a trailer at the Commons and you're taking part in the Palooza Crooza, you can leave it there overnight or move it elsewhere and launch early Sunday at the Boat Haven, prior to start of the Palooza Crooza. Or you can launch Saturday right after the skippers' meeting, or following the 7 p.m. presentation and anchor out or take a guest slip at Boat Haven Marina. But launching Sunday morning will be easier, since our Crooza departure isn't super early.


* Questions? Ask here to email me at Norseboater22@gmail.com