Almost-spring cruise, South Puget Sound

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Proposed Dates: 

Friday, March 13, 2015 to Sunday, March 15, 2015


Harstine Island and local anchorages

Trip Plan: 

Details to be firmed up, and posted in TSCA calendar.  Basically an opportunity to celebrate the almost-arrival of warmer weather.  With due apprehension for the tradition of avoiding the commencement of a voyage on a Friday, with specific import traditionally given to a Friday that falls on the 13th; we will launch at high tide at the ramp next to the Harstine Island bridge.


Recommend bringing a boat with some sort of rain shelter, and a cabin heater.  Plan to sleep aboard, either pierside or at anchor.  Actual routing to be determined by both weather conditions and fleet make up. 


Calling all Potterpeople.  Bring your best girl, and show her you aren't afraid of a little rain.  It could be downright fun.


Dan Rogers,

Diamond Lake, WA