Annual 4th of July overnight

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Proposed Dates: 

Thursday, July 3, 2014 to Saturday, July 5, 2014


Columbia River

Trip Plan: 

6/25/14 trip plan changed. 

We have changed our point of departure to the quaint little town of Ridgefield, WA.  They have a large parking area near the ramp and shops and food within three blocks.  The Ridgefield boat ramp is about 4 miles southeast of St. Helens.  

Address:  91-129 S Depot St, Ridgefield WA  98642

Launch time will be noon, Thursday July 3rd.
The waterway channel from Ridgefield is very relaxing with kayakers and bird houses to view as we approach into the Columbia for a sail  directly into St. Helens or around Sand Island before tying up at the Free Public Docks (left of the large flag waving in the air). 

An aerial view of the Ridgefield ramp shows a nearby large parking area.

Adjacent to the St. Helens Public Dock is a park and Toilets.

On the Fourth of July the park will have entertainment and food vendors in the parking area above.  Within three blocks are restaurants and a movie theater.

It will be hot during the day and very chilly at night, but no mosquitoes at the dock.

July 5th we return sail to the channel and motor back to the Ridgefield ramp. 


I wish I could join you

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I wish I could join you gentlemen, but P19 # 216, Beatrix, is still a few weeks away from being ready for the water. I will though try to drive down to St. Helens & say hi. Have a great trip. Mark Nelson

Looking forward to meeting

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Looking forward to meeting you Mark. You shouldn't have too much of a challenge finding at least one of us at the St Helens dock on Thursday and/or Friday evenings. Hope you can make it.