Boardman Oregon Columbia River Cruise (Lake Umatilla)

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Proposed Dates: 

Saturday, June 11, 2016 to Monday, June 13, 2016


Columbia River, eastern Oregon/Washington

Trip Plan: 

Saturday, June 11 - Monday June 13

Boardman Oregon Columbia River Cruise (Lake Umatilla)

Why go to the most boring terrain in the Pacific Northwest? (3 hour drive east from Portland)
Because this is June!   Not the most comfortable month for Northwest sailing.

In June, Lake Umatilla offers:
Warm temps (average 81-84)
Consistent Wind (average 17 mph)
Wide-open water (one of the widest sections of the Columbia with little current)
Relaxation: uncrowded, relaxed, free parking/launching/moorage (at Boardman).
Wildlife (deer, birds) and empty beaches.
Fishing (bass, other warm water).

The Plan:
Saturday, launch at Boardman OR boat launch (free). 
Sail, at 3:00, to Crow Butte Park for the night ($15.00).
Sunday, short hike to top of Crow Butte, then sail to Irrigon Marina (free).
Alternatively, find a beach and anchor.
Monday, sail back to Boardman (down current).

If you wanted to shorten the trip, Sunday you could simply pull into Boardman (as we pass it) and finish.

Boardman Marina
Crow Butte Park
Irrigon Marina
Blalock Islands
and of course, my video from last years solo trip...

Download the free pdf chart of the area…

Cheers! and looking forward to the approaching sailing season!

Please sign up as a participant if you plan to go...


@Daegus, that's great!, I'm

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@Daegus, that's great!, I'm looking forward to this trip (daily).  Statistically it is the best sailboat location in the Northwest for mid-June, because of temps and wind (plus no tide or crowds to contend with). Cool

When I was a liveaboard, the

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When I was a liveaboard, the sailors would have a weekly barbeque, where each would contribute something to the grill to share.  This was very fun and would be for this trip as well, with the abundance of grills next to the docks at Crow Butte.  It is voluntary of course, and would happen the first night out (because of ice-box limits).  Cheers

Hi, I'm looking forward to

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Hi, I'm looking forward to the first sailboat outing of the year.  My wife and I will bring something to share for the BBQ.

It's almost time for the NW

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It's almost time for the NW Trailer-Sailor's "Boardman Lake Umatilla" cruise! Smile

Wind is good for sailors, but sometimes there is too much of a good thing.  Winds are predicted to get up to 15 WSW (+more on the water), so this could potentialy create rough conditions.  As a contingency, simply staying the night at the Boardman marina would work, and making the trip to Crow Butte the following morning when the winds are lighter.  We can make that call from the boat ramp, as conditions are easily viewed.

Slips at Crow Butte is first-come/first-serve and is $15.  Transient dock at Boardman is first-come/first-serve and is free (as is parking).  Both of these normally have plenty of empty spots.  I'll be monitoring VHF channel 68 for any group contact.  

Feel free to ask any questions/comments, and I hope to see you there!

Cheers, Chris

The trip went good, inspite

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The voyage was good, inspite of the inclimate weather everywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.