Boat liability insurance

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Boat liability insurance

Any recommendations about buying liability insurance for my Potter 15?  

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boat insurance


When I was thinking of getting a boat, I called my insurance agent and asked what to do.  He suggested that for a boat under 26' and WITHOUT an engine, I'd be covered under homeowner's insurance.  (Seemed odd, but heck, they're the insurance folks.)  I would even be covered if I rented a boat from some lake or community center, gave some folks a free sailing ride, and then had some accident where one of the folks got injured.

When I got my WWP-19, I called the agent back and said, "I've got a 19-footer with a 5HP engine... now what?"  And I ended up with a boater's policy from Farmers Insurance.  I'm sure you could get something with Geico or some other place, but Farmer's has always worked for me.  I've never had to file a boating claim, but they've helped me on several claims with the many cars I've had.   Of course, YMMV.