Day sailing Puget Sound

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We have some vacation time coming up in September and are considering place to tow our 17' Day Sailer from inland Oregon. 

We are considering Astoria, but it seems a shame to put up with river currents, sand bars, and hordes of fishing boats when we have the time to go a little farther. I have been to Friday Harbor and to the Trincomali Channel area of the Gulf Islands. We’re wondering about closer, and something that does not involve paying for a ferry. What do people know about Anacortes for day sailing? I only know it as a campground where you spend the night before catching the boat to Victoria.

We have (non-sailing) family in the Seattle area. Anyone know about the logistics/costs of putting the little boat in a slip on salt water (e.g., Shilshole Bay) so we don’t have to launch every day and can do the family thing in the evenings? The idea is not just to get the boat in the sea, but to have some place to go with it. Leaving out the family factor, any other suggestions? What would be ideal would be a rental with a nearby dock, plus some destinations (islands, beaches, espresso stands, tiki bars . . . )



If you're staying with family

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If you're staying with family members in the Seattle area for several days, you could launch at the West Seattle ramp and (depending on how long you wanted to be out), camp-cruise over to Blake Island Marine State Park, stay there and then cruise around Vashon Island with an overnight in Quartermaster Harbor. (You can stay at a county-park float in Dockton, with showers ashore, or just anchor out.) The Blake Island/Vashon Island loop could be a nice three-day cruise (or longer, if you have time). Anacortes is a terrific gateway to the San Juans, but sailing a small boat in the channel adjoining Anacortes can be rough--lots of big boat wakes and currents to contend with. We love to launch at Sandy Point Marina, northwest of Bellingham, and sail across to Matia, Sucia and Patos Islands in the northern San Juans. Sucia is a nice 8-mile reach across from Sandy Point. The fee for two-way launch/retrieval at Sandy Point, including parking of your tow rig for as long as you wish, is a flat $25. (You can find the marina's website easily via Mr. Google.) No ferries involved for any of these options. - Marty


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Talbot: If the times coincide with your time off, we would be glad to have you on part or all of the movable messabout to the north east of you. I've sketched out the plan in the EWMM listing here. Or please drop me a line at

Thanks! It looks like things

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Thanks! It looks like things are shaping up for us to stay in the Everett area. My niece says we can stay at her house. She lives about 25' from the Everett marina, which says they should have guest moorage available. (At $1 per boat-foot. Another virtue of owning a small boat.) I appreciate the offers and suggestions. I've approached Sucia from other directions in big boats--never really realized how close it is to the mainland.