Eastern Washington Northern Idaho Movable Messabout

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Proposed Dates: 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 to Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Priest Lake - Lake Roosevelt - Sprague Lake

Trip Plan: 

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    Starting at the far-north (heavy conifers and high mountains), proceeding into the semi-arid rolling hills and pine forests of the upper Columbia impoundments, and ending with a taste of the prairie on the edge of the basalt “scab lands.”  All in a Wednesday-to-Wednesday.




    Wed – 10 Sep:  Breakfast at “AJ’s” café in Priest River , ID —0800.  Meet and launch at Coolin, ID, at south end of Priest Lake .  Proceed to beach camping area on Bartoo Is. (less than 5 miles)




    Thur – 11 Sep:  Transit to north end of Priest Lake for overnight beach camping (about 15 miles) with option to move into Upper Priest for either overnight or day trip/visit (an additional 5-7 miles)




    Fri – 12 Sep:  Return to launch ramp and drive to next destination (about 80 two-lane highway miles).  It’s a nice drive, and other than logging trucks, school busses, and cars towing boats home for the winter, pretty un-busy.  Night in the campground at Hunters, WA.




    Sat – 13 Sep:  In and about Hunters.  There are literally hundreds of beaches that may be reached in small boats for overnight camping, if that suits your fancy.  We’ll be retrieving boats and heading out for the next destination come morning.




    Sun – 14 Sep:  Drive to Porcupine Bay .   The highway passes the Two Rivers Casino on the Reservation side of the river, if that sort of thing appeals.  It’s another 15-20 miles on up the road to Porcupine Bay , near the lower end of the Spokane River .




    Mon – 15 Sep:  Day trip up to the head of navigation on the Spokane River (about 10 miles each way).  There is about the most extensive array of swallows’ nests in the cliffsides along this stretch of water that I’ve ever seen.  With the exception of a few farms and beach houses along the way, this is essentially what it looked like when David Thompson and his ilk were out trapping beavers and hauling them to market.




    Tue – 16 Sep:  Retrieve boats and head for a brunch in Davenport , WA .  There’s a delightful little hole-in-the-wall restaurant and wild west motel that is worth the 30 mile drive.  At this point, we are on Highway 2 that connects Snohomish county destinations with Spokane , Montana , and points farther east.  But, if you can stay for one more day, there is a nice drive south through the wheat fields, that ends up at an essentially “undiscovered”  but immaculately maintained little resort on an essentially “undiscovered” 5-mile long lake.




    Wed – 17 Sep:  Daysailing/paddling, etc., on Sprague Lake .  The main attraction, aside from the almost total paucity of houses along the shoreline, is a rather large pelican preserve at the far end of the lake.  And, being prairie, the wind just about always blows.




    I-90 passes within a mile of the church steeple in Sprague.  The freeway can get you anywhere you need to go from there. 




    If you can make it, this should be a quite wonderful opportunity to see some new places, meet some new friends, and generally have a great time.




    Hope to see you.




    Dan Rogers