Eric Johnson's "Victoria" (P19): Headsail Storage and Outboard Motor Cover

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  • P18/19

The motor cover is my own design and is largely cosmetic. The top of the motor was badly scratched, and I think this dresses is it up nicely. It visually balances the boat, with my headsail cover up front. I think it helps the motor look like a part of the boat, rather than just a bolted-on appendage. Its design allows the motor to be in use with the cover attached.


The headsail cover is simple a Sailrite Foredeck Sail Bag F-2 kit that I assembled in a few hours. I upgraded to their premier zipper. It was under $40 total. It fits my Odyssey P19 genoa nicely, but i wouldn't want it any smaller. For cruising, this bag is GREAT! it frees up SO much space down below. You can permanently keep the genoa on deck, like a mainsail, protected in a sunbrella cover. These pics are from this weekend at Eagle Harbor where my kid joined my wife and I overnighting for the first time, and the space savings was significant. It also makes deployment real quick, because the sheets stay attached. all you do is unzip it, clip the halyard to the head of the sail, put the bag away, and hoist. Its no roller-furler, but for $40, its hard to beat.


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