Greetings from a new member

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Greetings from a new member

Got my account approved so thought I'd introduce myself. 

I am a new owner of a used Precision 165 pocket cruiser as of spring 2019 named Irresolute. My previous sailing experience was very spotty (Windsurfing, RC sailboat and got to go out in a 6' dingy a couple times as a kid) So I've been spending the summer learning how to set up and sail her and its been a blast so far. 

What I'd like to do now is try to connect to the local area trailer/pocket cruiser community to have company out on day sails as well as learn tips and tricks. I'd love to try sailing with and against other similar sized boats so I can improve my handling and the tuning of my rig with the hopes of entering in to some casual races next year. I'd also enjoy hearingr recommendations for good 2-3 day trips I can take in the region or just fun places to day sail out from. Having company at the boat-ramp while I'm setting up and tearing down would be nice too. Useful gear to collect would be appreciated as well.