Keel Frozen in Keel Trunk.

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Keel Frozen in Keel Trunk.



For the last few days I have spending about 3-4 hours/day trying to get the keel down in my WWP 19, “MaSaSa.” I bought the boat and never had it in the water. It has been sitting for at least 2 years that I have owned it and maybe 1 or 2 years before that. I got a good deal on the boat and I think I now know why: The keel would not lower! 


And inspection revealed a lot of rust on the keel in the keel trunk. This rust locked the keel in place. After much effort, I was able to free the keel. Here are two links to video’s I posted on youtube (there re others on my channel that deals with my efforts in this regard). Maybe someone will need this help in the future, but I hope you do not: