Keel Hold Downs

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Keel Hold Downs

I am getting MaSaSa, a WWP 19, ready for my inaugural sail with her. I previously owned a WWP 19 a life time ago and I have not sailed in 25 + years.


My keel was rusted in the keel trunk and I was able to get her to move and raised it up. I will be grinding, sanding, painting, etc., the keel in the next few days. I will be using Rustoleum as I want it thin and I will not be keeping her in the water. She will be on her trailer at the “Fish Camp” where I am keeping her. (Honest John’s Fish Camp, Melbourne Beach, FL.)


I noticed that my keel “hold downs” missing parts. My old boat simply had bolts that went through holes in the trunk and through the keel. The keel does have holes drilled into but not the trucnk for this purpose on this boat.


I also had someone show me a photo of simple cleats on the keel trunk that he installed and then he just ties ‘er down. I like that as well, but I really like the simplicity of the bolts. And then you use the same bolts in the bottom 2 holes once it is raised to get her back on the trailer Without putting too much tension on the winch.


I would love to know what everyone has, changes, etc. I am going for SIMPLE and Inexpensive.


Thanks in advance.