Lake Chelan Raft up?

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Lake Chelan Raft up?


Hi everyone I'm just putting feelers out to see if anyone might be

 interested in a sailing weekend and raft up in Manson Bay on Beautiful Lake Chelan ?

There is a good launch near by at Old mill park and Stores and Restaurants in Manson.  There is a tender doc there for short term visits to town and the weather has been awesome.  When the wind is not blowing you can fish or anchor and dive in for a swim.   If you've never seen Lake Chelan, It will jump to the top of your list.  Clear blue and emerald green water that is cool and refreshing but not cold.  Not this time of year anyway. 

Happy Sailing,


you can email me at



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How was it?

How did your sail go? 

I've been thinking of a group (NW Potters) sail for next year and Lake Chelan is a prime candidate.  I don't know how much interest there would be thoe, since it would be a Monday-Friday cruise in late july or august.  If there are any interested sailors reading this, please give a reply and let us know your interest and limitations (i.e. schedule/distance, etc).

Last time I was there: