Preparing your Potter 15 & 19 after winter

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Preparing your Potter 15 & 19 after winter

Commond faults:

Masthead sheves no longer spin, because one or more mounting bolts are too tight and squeezed the aluminum vertical mounts, crimping the sheves.


Engine won't start, because you did not bleed out the gas in the carburater bowle.  So now you need to force feed gas through the carb to dissolve the gummy buildup.


Sail won't slide easy in the mast track.  Pull a rag up & down the track to clean out the inside sail track and use a greaseless lube spray and/or apply a thin lube to the sholders of the sail-slugs when feeding slugs into the track.

I have been using Starbrite Snap & Zipper lubricant (West Marine $10.99), which comes in a tube, and has last me many years.