Redwood Regatta

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Redwood Regatta

  i just want to mention the Redwood Regatta held at Big Lagoon near Orick, CA. It would be a great place for the Northwest Potters & Trailer Sailors to meet up with the Potter Yachters & Trailer Sailors of the San Francisco area.   A little longer drive for the NW Potters, but it is a beautiful drive down the Oregon Coast or faster on I-5. The Redwoos & Elk viewing are exceptional.   Big Lagoon is only about 70 miles South of the ca/or border on highway 101. The Humboldt Y/C is grandfathered in to use the Regatta area once a year. Camping & Sailing for Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun nights is only $45. Just the camping alone is worth that. Last year we sailed our P15 , this year it will be our P19, the P15 is for sale.    Any questions for NW sailors, we will be at Port Hudson for the Small Boat Palozza, in our green P19 "Sail Away".