Replacing the keel raising system cable with low stretch line

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Replacing the keel raising system cable with low stretch line

Greetings all! New to the group and looking forward to getting to know you all.

I purchased a 2012 P19 and the 1st time out the cable for lowing the keel got terribly twisted. I have seen photos where the cable was replaced with low stretch line. Does anyone have details on what hardware is needed and how to access the winch?

Thanks, Craig


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All Potter 19 stern lift cable systems have a defect.

All of the P19s, old and new, have a design flaw with the steel dagger plate lifting blocks.

The bottom turn-around block attached to the strb side of the keel plate does not have a preventer bail or ring.  When lowering the steel plate down into the trunk and you un-intentionally let the lifting wire goes slack, the cable can twist off the block sheeve and flip around the bolck's support pin.

Next time you raise the steel plate, the metal cable is pulled around the pin causing wire filaments to brake over time.

I intalled a cheek plate to my block to prevent future failures.

The wrench is accessed via crawling down the strb quarter berth to the stern.  There is a bolt that holds the wire cable in place.  Just remember that turning the crank handle clock-wise is to lift the steel plate.  Some people crank the wrong way to feed the new cable on and learn that the self breaking wench no longer works to hold up the plate.

I have no experience using the high strength, but would give it a try if my cable needs replacement.

I don't know how to post photos.  Bye for now.