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South Sound Sailing Society

Greetings!  Several in this forum may remember me from when I was an active member.  We had both a 15 and a 19.  Our 19 was called DARE.  

I am now the Commodore of the South Sound Sailing Society.  We are a relaxed group of sailors that promotes racing, cruising, and training in and around Olympia.  We are exploring the idea of adding a program for pocket cruisers.  I would like to know if there is anyone in the NW Potter group that would like to work with me to get this program started.  

I am not sure yet what it will look like.  It might be an event, or a cruise, or a series of events and cruises. We used to have a couple of events in the Sound each year when I was in the NW Potter group, and then we usually had a trip to Lake Washington too.  I remember several fun planning meetings at the Seattle Boat Show.

It would be fun to host an event that could draw people in from several clubs. 

The events of the South Sound Sailing Society are open to the public.  You don’t have to join the club to attend our cruises (We have one a month, usually within 15 miles of Olympia). If you want to race, we have several options.  We have a dinghy fleet (non-fixed keels on boats under 20’), a Star Fleet, and PHRF racing (with and without spinnakers). PHRF races year round, with 40 races per year.  The other fleets race in the summer only.

If you did want to join the club, the annual dues are $55, and this gets you free reciprocal moorage at over 100 marinas in the US and Canada. (It takes about two free nights to get your money’s worth).

If you would like to help me set up some type of co-op event between our clubs, please contact me.  You can message me here or email


Jim Larsen