Taco Tuesday Lunch in Vancouver, WA

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Proposed Dates: 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area

Trip Plan: 

Taco Tuesday is usually every 1st Tuesday of each month held at 2 PM at On the Border restaurant, on 164th Ave in Vancouver, Washington.  This is an informal gathering of Trailer-Sailors. Contact Tom Luque for more information.

On The Border Mexican Grill
1505 SE 164th Ave
Vancouver‎ WA‎ 98683

You can check out more about the restaurant here at their website On The Boarder.


Meeting opened with hot chips

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Meeting opened with hot chips and spicy sauce dip at 2pm.

John Purdy
Jim Ferguson
Tom Luque

Discussion: the Ferguson 1% Noise Bell Curve. John's now using two tarps to cover his small Potter, and his world wide sailing races. Jim is not comfortable by his son Rick, having a faster P15 ( blames his old sail, but Rick is fearless & bold).

We agreed that the Trailer Sailor web site should be the defacto site to post our Potter upgrades and use our NWPotter site to post events and links.

We planed to have a 3 day sail this month, launching late from Gleason ramp, going to Gov. Island. Next morning pick nic at a nearby park, then to the Quay's dock (by Red Lion Hotel). Next morning return to ramp. We have not set the date to be a week day or week end.
Whoever wants to participate, please notify us right away so we can decide the dates.

After tacos & drinks, Jim called meeting to end so he could finish a test as a truck driver.

Check back next month to see what time the next Taco Tuesday meeting will start.