"Vintage" NWPotters Website Content

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Ok, "Vintage" might be a stretch, but John Purdy shared with me what is essentially a snapshot of the old NW Potters Website from back in 2003 and it contains some very interesting content.  This format is raw html with lots and lots of broken links and missing images but there are still a lot of valid links and great images that I believe you might enjoy seeing.  I have been grappling with how to share this old information on the new site and have come to the conclusion I will need to add each content snippet individually in the format this new site can use.  So, whenever I have the time I will port over an adventure or a boat modification or other items you might be interested in seeing.

The first content I added (let's call it "imported") to this site are some old WWP manuals.  You can find them in the "Downloads" section of "Resources" menu tab.  Again, these are OLD manuals and are not intended to be used for anything more than historical reference and amusement.

Then I added all the content provided by Eric Johnson describing modifications he shared for his P19 "Victoria."

I will add more sailboat modifications and trip reports from the 2003 site as time permits.