Window Latch Modification

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Sailboat Type: 

  • P14/15

The newer WWP 15's have opening windows in the cabin, but they have one very annoying problem when they are open (at least for me) because the latches hang down at the ready to stab anyone laying down in the berth below them.  After many nights of stabbing and subsequent verbal lashings, I finally decided to do something about it.  Tom Luque actually had this simple solution and it worked so well I thought someone else may benefit from his idea.

Here's a picture of the problem, note the 2 daggers waiting for a victim:


Tom's simple solution was to find a hose with the correct I.D. to slip over the latches and hold them in a non-stabbing position.  Turns out a vinyl hose with a 5/8" I.D. fits quite well over the latches and turns the problem into this picture:


Ah, what a huge difference that made!  Thanks Tom!