Sucia Island

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We are planning to launch Monday AM and reach from Blaine WA (or Birch Bay) to Sucia Island. Three nights on the dock or mooring ball. Hiking around Sucia Island. Sue and I are retired geologists, so we are excited to see the fossils (NO collecting) and other natural features of these Cretaceous rocks.

Please join us

Spur of the Moment San Juan Islands Trip!

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Trailer sailors are welcome to join the NW Potters for a week in the San Juan Islands of Washington state.

If the group wants to return home on Sunday vs Saturday, we will add an extra day.

Bathrooms & showers will be near each morage dock.

Each night we should be at:

Monday 7th Blakely
Tues. 8th  Deer Hbr
Wed.  9th  Friday Hbr


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